quit drinking alcohol report

I quit drinking alcohol on July 8 th. Used to drink 4 to 12 alcoholic beverages per week. Mostly beer, sometimes vodka or whiskey.

Its been over 3 months and the effects are very good. I gained about 4 lbs, I expected to lose weight. The good news is I am more solid, must have gained more muscle mass. My pot belly has shrunk, its is almost gone. I can see the change and other poeple have noticed the difference. Also my belt is tighter by 1 notch.

I made NO changes to my workout rountines, i've been using the same routines for over a year.

I plan to stay off alcohol forever.

I used to drink waaaay too much, once I finally quit and got used to it I like it so much better that I'm not even tempted anymore.

Sounds like you're doing very well, keep up the good work.

Alcohol is bad news for the bod. kills test levels and the carbs in beer are among the highest on the GI.

I used to love drinking. Cut back a lot, now I can't stand it.

great progress!

Good post

4-12 a week is nothing. I drink almost 18 drinks a week. Do I want to stop. Yea but I am having fun..

Nothing like a cold beer after training.


You don't drink?

Why in the fuck would you want to live?

I'm playing.

I understand but I love my alcohol but that could be because I'm a drunk.

Drinking even a small ammount has an effect on your body and mood, I coudn't see it while I was drinking.

You regular drinkers should try stopping for a month and see what happens. You may change your minds.

I used to love beer. It helped me get fat and slow. Now I barely drink and am better for it.

I still love beer, but now I drink high quality beer and stop at one or two that would be lucky to be three or four times a year.

Alcohol does indeed lower Test levels. It is not the carbs that are the problem. Alcohol converts to acetate and burns preferentially in the body. This shuts down fat burning until the acetate is gone.


10 beers plus a bottle of wine, weekly, and you're still pretty ripped?

I hate guys like you!

How the hell am I supposed to steady my hand to shave in the morning without the vodka?

i like drinking, but i have the red faced syndrome and I don't like it so I just don't drink anymore because i think i may allergic. sucks

There are way more reasons to not dirnk then to drink no matter what crap folks try to say about alcohol being good for you.

Dan John said that he realized some of his booze drinking was directly related to plain old thirst. When he replaced the booze with more cold water, his cravings diminished some.

Worth a try.

TAKU <--------Does not drink.

Right on! I haven't had but 4 drinks since Jan 1st. It seems that after I got a divorce I was drinking way too much (36 drinks a week or so), and my liver got hosed. The easiest way I found to stop is just not to start and keep busy. I gained weight also but I think its because I eat more of the party foods instead of drinking dunno.

Well I was drinking way too much.

I'm cut back to about a 12 pack a week now.

So I think I'll cut back to a 6 pack a week and see how that goes.

I'm not quitting. I like the taste of good beer and whiskey too much but then again I don't like to get drunk anymore either.

I hate feeling like shit the next day.

"Alcohol does indeed lower Test levels"

that's BS man, haven't you ever heard of "Beer Muscles".

This thread is really inspiring me. I usually drink lightly 1 or 2 times a week and very heavily one night every weekend. I usually drink heavily on a saturday night and feel like trash all of sunday, ruining half of my weekend. Lately my hangovers are so bad that I throw up a few times the next day.

I just had surgery 9 days ago, and havent had a drink in 13 days because of that (Been stuck on the couch, had my torn ACL replaced). This thread is really inspiring me to keep away from the liquor for good. Especially since I've gained a shitload of weight over the past year or two. I'm a fucking slob now.

I'll let you guys know how it goes... wish me luck.

I've been cutting back on the beer quite a bit lately too, and the effects on my stomach and on the scale are noticeable.