Quit interviewing losing fighters!

Why does the UFC insist on having Rogan interview their posterboys after they lose?? They interview Leben after losing to Silva, Koshcheck after getting KO'ed by Fickett and now Forrest after a brutal TKO by Jardine.. WHY?? It makes no sense.. what the hell do you think they are going to say they just LOST you fuckin moron..

quit interviewing the loser, nobody cares what they have to say at that time anyway and they usually sound like blabbering idiots because they are too overcome with emotion to speak properly.. Makes the sport look unprofessional..

I thought Forrest was gonna punch Rogan after the way he flipped out..

Agree bad idea to interview the loser. At the very least do it in a post fight conference.

I agree that it is in poor taste to ask someone about a devastating loss immediately after it happens, but in all fairness to the UFC boxing commentators have been doing that for years.

i don't think there's any sport where the loser gets a free pass from being interviewed after the game/match. But I don't think logic or sensibility was really what brought this thread upon, more a desire to bitch about anything I would imagine.


Agreed. Sometimes its just painful to watch. I feel sorry for Rogan for having to do that - the UFC should really rethink that part.

Sometimes I am interested to hear what they say. For instance, when something unusual happens, I like knowing how they address it. I wonder if they will say something about the way their opponent defeated them, whether that be by outfighting or cheating in some way.

Its all about the Benjamins fellas, thats why they do it.

Sometimes losing fighters can be rather inspiring with their attitudes after a fight... like Randy after losing to Chuck, Tito losing to Chuck last night, and even Hughes losing to GSP last UFC.

Seems like a lot of the TUF guys, like Herman, Leben, and now even Griffin, keep managing to embarass themselves with poor choice of words and childish behavior, adding the list of reasons why personally want to see them less and less