Quit posting spoilers!!!!!

Why the hell are there spoilers being posted!!!

Thanks for ruining the PPV for me assholes!!

(go ahead and flame)

agreed,find something else to do with your day

Oh, whatever, fuck off.

You're here bitching about seeing spoilers?!

Even you have to see the irony in that...

i do see a problem with posting spoilers in thread TITLES. but not in the threads themselves. as long as results dont pop up on unrelated threads, this shouldnt be a problem. either way, it IS best to steer clear of this forum if you dont want your ppv "ruined". i dont mind spoilers myself. im still buying it.

DyingBreed has summarized it all. If everyone followed those guidelines we would have less complaining and a-holes posting results in thread titles.

Why should we not come on here? It is OUR forum, not just owned by those who already saw the PPV.

All that is asked is the courtesy to not post results in the thread title. Kirik himself has asked that. It's HIS website.

"You'd think people would stop coming on here after those ppv's but they just never learn and insist on coming here, getting their ppv "ruined" and =then bitching about it. "

Since Kirik says before EVERy Pride not to post any spoilers, and since the spoiler threads get deleted after every Pride, you'd think some people would finally put 2 and 2 together


Isn't the whole point of having a "Pride Results" forum, to give people a place to discuss Pride results without spoiling it for everybody else?Welcome to the Q&A Pride!

Due both to the extraordinary excitement around Pride, and also to the fact that many worldwide broadcasts are neccessarily delayed, we ask that information about the results of Pride events be posted solely here in the Q&A Pride. This way page members who wish to purchase the telecast will have the excitement of not knowing the outcome of each fight.

glock 4life shut the fuck up and go cry somewhere else. stay off the mutha fuckin forums if you dont want to see any spoilers