Quitting Martial Arts

That's it. I quit.

Dougie...may I ask why?

The quality of martial artists just went up.



It's just over. I am retiring.

Just like Randy, what took you so long?

I guess I thought I could still stay in the game.

I guess I need a new hobby now.


Masterbation has it's appeal but I'm far too lazy to really apply myself.

Start a local chapter of the Chuck Norris fan club?


1) As your genetically superior Canadian overlord master I will forgive you this time.

2) I don't think I CAN post any more than I am right now.

Oooh, the Chuck Norris thing sounds fun. Is there a lot of work involved?

First you dye your hair, now this ???


Professional heavy bag sounds pretty harsh.

Oragami sounds nice and soothing.

Damn you JHR! You're making this harder than it has to be!

I also bought a couch. I plan on spending a lot of free time in it when I am not in my hammock.

I even got a wireless router for my laptop so I can post here and lounge at the same time.


I like your Dad already.

Dougie is fleeing the dojo cause he is afraid of Little One IMO ;)

No more hours spent in a smelly gym.

I will spend all my time here with all of you now!

Won't that be great?!

Nitey, sadly, even the lure of fighting Little One every week cannot compel me to return to the mats.