Quitting weed has negatively affected my game

Hi frens,

I quit smoking 5 days ago for a job in the near future. Been daily smoking for 7 years now, 3 of those 7 years I've been training bjj. funny thing, my last 3 times on the mat since quitting I can't roll for shit! my technique is gone, it feels like the color of my belt changed to white. I got super low energy and zero cardio. At this time I can do one explosive move before huffing and wheezing.

I can understand why my energy is low, it's because I've lost my appetite. wtf, I thought you;re not supposed to get withdrawl symptoms from quitting weed, I even get hot flashes at random times liek a bitch on a menopause. soaking wet spot on the front of the t shirt type shit, and I'm woken every night from the wetness of the pool of sweat I'm marinading in. And I'm feeling lethargic. All of this started happening 4 days ago. THE FUCK?

Anyone deal with this before? What if I can't roll without being stoned?? Honestly, I can't say I knwo what it's like cause I've never trained not high. But I know for now I suck without it. I'll get my energy back cause my appetite will no doubt return but I'm worried about my technique. I really feel lost rolling, my training partners even notice it. You guys ever see a difference between training high or not? Better? Worse? Same? What? Whut? Wat?

maybe just your perception of how well you roll, has changed?

you never had any technique or cardio, you just thought you were rickson because you was high brah

mrgoodarmbar - maybe just your perception of how well you roll, has changed?

I dunno man, I normally am able to hold my own against guys who have been training as much as me. Lately though, I haven't even been able to get a single control position on anyone I've rolled with.

The Gimp - you never had any technique or cardio, you just thought you were rickson because you was high brah

lol this

The Gimp - you never had any technique or cardio, you just thought you were rickson because you was high brah

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when i quit smoking weed had problems sleeping maybe your not getting as much sleep as you need that could explain lack of energy

Dr Love - 

Why did you quit? Phone Post

I wrote it in the opening post, I'm quitting for a job. They supposedly do random tests on the employees, I haven't verified it with the recruiter because I don't really want to bring it up.

Hywel Teague - 

You were physically dependent on a drug. It's going to take time for your body to adapt.

5 days is the blink of an eye. Come back in a few months and report how its gone. Phone Post

Good point. It's just a little surprising is all, I was always under the impression that one couldn't become physically dependent on marijuana.

I did some googling on the subject and apparently what I'm going through isn't all that uncommon. Go figure.

After quitting smoking my game got better by a lot. Phone Post

Pretty sure weed is not physically addicting. I think it is even debated as to wheather or not it is psychologically addicting (I think it probably can be)...but I don't recall it being a physical addiction. Maybe I'm wrong tho. Phone Post

It isn't so much that it's physically addicting, rather your body adapts to it. You get used to having it to goto sleep. Having it there before meals. Having it to tolerate bad television and movies etc. Once you're suddenly off of it, your body has to readjust. It'll be unpleasant.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that it releases endorphines and other chemicals, leading to your brain either adapting to make more receptors OR(and?) diminishes your body's ability to make more of the chemicals naturally. A similar effect is seen with opiates although to a much lesser degree and while there may be these physical manifestations, I think they are still considered "psychological" dependencies. I think antidepressants have the same effects although the mechanism is different (inhibiting reabsorbtion of the existing chemical vs. simply releasing more)

Withdrawal from opiates and other substances however has significant effects on your body such as tremors, palpitations, vomiting, diarrhea and can even lead to death. It can happen with alcohol as well and I think these are the physical dependencies that cause people to label them as physically addictive.

My understanding is that eventually you "feel" normal again. I believe it is relative to how long the substance was used. It is highly likely this period is greater than four days, but probably not more than a couple months. Opiates seem to be longer however. OTOH when I stopped drinking, I felt better after a couple days.

I have a slightly different take than the norm and that involves your state of mind when you are learning. If you are in a different state of mind, you will be limited and approach the task like rolling differently. I am not sure how to articulate it well other than e.g. you play a video game after drinking and develop muscle memory whilen intoxicated. When you aren't drunk, the muscle memory is different so you have a harder time getting in the zone. IMO in your situation this can be remedied by increasing your physical and mental awareness prior to rolling through yoga or meditation to help you focus more and think more about the fundamentals than always reacting and feeling a step behind.

hope things work out and sorry for the frat

Krept I've never heard of that happening with weed (your first paragraph). Opiates do shut down the brain's ability to create endorphins (they are essentially replaced with the opiates, and the brain stops producing them).  Opiate withdrawl is the whole metamorphisis the brain and body goes through while the brain kickstarts itself to create endorphins again.  That is a VERY rudimentary description, but safe to say Opiate physical dependence is completely different than any type of dependence (mostly psychological) that weed creates.

Take 2 joints and roll in the morning.
-Jah doc Phone Post

I switched to "pot cookies". ....my lungs no longer hand cuffed by smoke. Game has elevated ! Phone Post

5 days? Come back in 3 months and tell us your progress. Phone Post

I say it's probably the job. My best rolls are my days off. Phone Post