Quiznos $7 large sandwiches =

absolutely no reason to eat at Subway ever again.

i got the Primo Meatball.

added for free bacon, mushrooms, red onions, and a pinch of cilantro. i imagine you could add all the extras if you wanted to.


if you go with my recipe i suggest you eat it in private because you will need to wipe your hands on yourself. napkins just wont suffice.

had a $5 footlong cold cut combo toasted today. was worth 5 bux imo

i dont want to talk about getting shit on by birds.

i have a particular memory that i want erased from history.

$5, 5meat combo at Quiznos is pretty good.

Weird thing about California laws, if you get it toasted it's considered "cooking/preparing" the food so you get taxed. Untoasted you leave paying $5. I think subway is better because you can get the spinach in your sammiches. I usually go for the 6" double turkey on honey oat with lots of veggies.

to be honest ill probably be eating Subway a lot in the near future.

a buddy of mine is trying to get into the franchise.

 I've been a Quiznos fan for a long time!

I didn't know that about CA taxes.