Quote about Eagles fans....

"Philly fans may be the most obnoxious group of categorized people in the US. They're so hardcore, and not in the good way like Jenna loves Brianna, or Terminator 2, but bad hardcore like luttewaffe hardcore, or kkk hardcore. I'm starting to wonder if Fallujah is the Philidelphia of Iraq."

Did the person saying that spell the words wrong, too?

True story follws re: Redskins fans and Eagles fans.

I went to the Eagles/Redskins game in Washington this year. (By the way...you guys NEED a new stadium. That place is as bad as the Vet ever was). I got drunk.

Walking out, I was as obnoxious as can be. The Eagles had whupped up on the 'Skins, and I was letting everyone know it. There were at least as many Eagles fans as Skins fans there, so I felt no fear.

Some 'Skins fan comes up jawing at me. God naturedly, I put my hand on his shoulder. He got all wild eyed and said "don't you put your hands on me" in a threatening manner.

This upset me for some (alcohol induced) reason.

Thinking quickly, I patted him repeatedly and firmly on the back saying "OK, sorry buddy".

He did not pick up the irony. Instead he looked at me and said "That's what I thought", and ran away.

Conclusion: Eagles fans are obnoxious, Redskins fans are dumb.

Cowboys fans are unspeakable.

Philly has the worst fans period..

Actually, no. It was all correct.

Philly fans are loyal, and you have to give them that. They have never won a Super Bowl but are always showing their colors. They will also go into hostile stadiums, be obnoxious, get their butts whupped (I mean the fans, not their team), and then come back next year and do it again. There were a lot of Eagles fans at Fed Ex this year- but there were also a lot who got beat up the year before. So you also have to give them credit for guts. I've got nothing against Eagle fans.

On the other hand, Cryboy fans are complete pansies. I lived in Dallas in 1997-1998, and I remember a playoff game, when the Girlz had Ain'tman and Smith, and it only avoided a local blackout at the last minute when a supermarket chain bought up a huge block of tickets. You see, the Girlz were not going to the Super Bowl that year probably, so their fans couldn't be bothered.

How can u call philly fans loyal?..

I had no idea that booing your own team was a sign of loyalty

That's true. But they do keep going back.

Redskins Fan:

Since you've shown a little love for Eagles fans, I'll show some back. I may have told this story before, but I like it, so I'm telling it again.

At the Eagles/Washington game in Philly last year, there was a Skins fan about two sections over from me. He was loud and obnoxious (not that there's anything wrong with that). He got into it with the other people in his section, and eventually got thrown out. As he was being escorted out, a big fat Eagles fan stood up and threw a full paper cup of soda at him. Without missing a step, the Skins fan turned, pulled his arm away from the security guard, CAUGHT THE FUCKING CUP, and whipped it back at the Eagles fan.

I stood and applauded. That man had skills.

Cool story....

I didn't post that quote with the intent to stir up shit, believe it or not. I just couldn't help it though. That quote was fuckin funny as hell....

What can I say? Eagles fans have a bad rep. But I think the reason why Eagles fans have such a bad rap, at least in Washington, is because the citys are so close to one another that its real easy for Philly fans to come down here on game day and get obnoxious with us.

I'm sure Redskins fans aren't the most well-respected fans outside of Washington....

The quote is funny. And Eagles fans do have a bad rep. A lot of it is bluster, though. If you're at an Eagles game in opposing team's colors, but you're cool and make friends with your section before the game starts, you'll find that it's no worse than any other stadium.

Unless you're a Dallas fan. If so, I wash my hands of you. May God have mercy on your soul.

This has been going on for years and generations. In the 60s or 70s after a horrible season the fans af Franklin Field booed and threw snowballs at a guy on the field in a Santa Suit....lol