Quote from francis....

"They play five-man basketball," Francis said. "They play too much individual ball. I think that helped us a lot by them being selfish and not passing the ball to one another. You are not going to win if guys think about themselves more than the team, and that's what it looked like they were doing out there."

aren't steve francis and cutino mobly notorious ball-hogs? LOL

btw, the quote was after the rockets/bulls game

francis was a bit of a hog, but probably out of necessity and habit (rudy t did not reign him in).

mobley - and more recently taylor - are the two black holes on that team.

jim jackson is their best post entry passer - very unselfish from what I've seen - and was a great pickup for them.

Yeah, Jackson was a big pickup for them and a big loss for Sacramento. :(

LOL @ quote. 1/3 of the season is gone: And Francis is averaging 1.5 less assists a game than his career; and mobley is down .5 assists a game than his career.