R.F. 5 "King Of The Mountain"

I would firstly like to congratulate Kerry Dunne on a fantastic night of MMA on Spartan 9, with not all the matches going the way us Aussies would have liked. But it was just such a well-balanced night of match making and I am hoping to do the same on "R.F. 5"

May 22nd. Indoor Bowls Hall, Annand St Toowoomba.

Door Open 6pm Starts 7pm


General $25

Ringside $35

Absolute Ringside $50

Children 12-16yrs with adult accompaniment $15

This time we are going to revert back to Spartan rules (so fighters don't have to change there training regimes to fight at this show). The "King Of The Mountain" title matches will be A rules with 3 x 5 min rnds and Standard matches will be 2 x 5 min rnds allowing A or B rules.

If there is anybody interested in competing to match the following weights please contact me via my Email joeperry@bigpond.com or 0408 790 641. We have the following fighters available.

Male - 79kg Novice B rules

Male - 75kg Novice A or B rules

Male - 80kg Novice A or B rules 17yrs old

Male - 84kg Novice A or B rules (experienced martial artist)

Male - 83kg 1W 1L A rules 19yrs

Male - 96kg 1W 37yrs A or B

Male - 125kg 2W 1L A or B rules

Kickboxing Match (Really hopping to match this one)

Female - 62kg Novice (Knees to body)

Re-Guards Joe

there is on under 70's?

is the 96kgs guy A or B rules?


This above, is a list of actual weights of competitors that have been nominated to be matched up. If you know a 70 kg competitor that needs a match ring me on 0408 790 641

Re-Guards Joe


He will fight under either A or B

Re-Guards Joe (Ring me if know of a match)

I would just like to mention that Spartan will no longer be hosting any more B class fights (unless a special circumstance)and will be giving full support to Joe Perry's King of the Mountain as the feeder show for the on going Spartan series. Of course, King of the Mountain can stand on it's own for being a high quality show and because of this we will be working together to help enhance any talent that wants to step up and be featured in Spartan.

For those who don't know Joe he is a reputable and honest guy to deal with and has a genuine interest in promoting the sport.

No this is going to really fuck up the QLD MMA scene. 2 promotions helping each other. ;)

what is the 96kg guys name? im 92kg had one fight 3 years ago



Sorry you havn't heard from me any sooner, I've been away for Easter. We should have 8 matches plus, to announce after the weekend. Everything is looking really good for an exciting night on the 22nd May.

Digz. If you are interested in the 96kg guy please ring me on 0408 790 641. But at this stage I do have a match for him.



Keats I believe Ray Matsumura has a good working relationship with Qld's MMA promoters so its not the first and hopefully won't be the last.

It is good to see you guys working together. Along with the FightClub shows, a clear path for young fighters into the bigger shows is now developing.

Agree with steve its great to see events for the newer guys to test there skills, now eveyone just has to get behind these and support them

hands up for a catfight people!

Yes it is a breath of fresh air, every body from the major M.M.A. events getting along & helping each other out.

But getting back to the K.O.M. on 22nd May. could every body check above to see if they might have a match or possible know someone.

Especially for a 75 kg Nov., Toowoomba competitor who is really kean on getting a match.

If you do please contact me on 0408 790 641

Reguards Joe