R.I.P. George Kennedy (Actor)

1 of the legendary character actors who is probably best known from this crew from playing straight man (detective Ed Hocken) in Naked Gun to Neilsen's more outrageous Det. Frank Drebin. I never got into Gunsmoke or Dallas (tv series) but I was a big fan of his in both Charade (funny Bond-esque villain), in the war classic the Dirty Dozen, as well as the murder-mystery 'Death on the Nile'. But his best performance also took place in his best film, Cool Hand Luke, which he won an Oscar for. In that movie he played a big part in 1 of the hottest scenes in cinema history, and the fact that it took place in 1967 is all the more impressive.

If a Blue would kindly post the classic clip and rest in peace Mr. Kennedy.


The girl's name is Joy Harmon


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Yeah and if I ever find the son of a bitch.

My father went the same way. Phone Post 3.0

He was fantastic in Cool Hand Luke, more surprised to find he was so recently alive than to hear he died Phone Post 3.0

MickColins - My father went the same way. Phone Post 3.0


Guy put together a hell of a resume

RIP Phone Post 3.0

between Cool hand Luke, Dirty Dingus Mcgee, and Sons of Katie Elder I swear I have seen him on tv more than most. RIP Big fella

wunderbut - 


how can you leave that out

Was thinking the same thing.

Clint banging black chick overshadowed.

He fucked Jeff Bridges up.

Loved everything he did .. Phone Post 3.0

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how can you leave that out

I've never seen it I'll add it to my list to watch. Thanks. Care to share general plot?

Here's Det. Hocken getting into a fight


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the plot is brilliant. and, fwiw, the book is insanely great, better than the movie.

clint is a superduperspy who has to climb the hideously deathly north face of the eiger with three other climbers, all of whom might be the bad spy on the other side. hilarity ensues.


this trailer alone is better than 90% of full big budget features these days lol.

RIP to a legend Phone Post 3.0

My friend was his dentist here in Boise, Idaho. Said he's a genuinely nice guy and lived here to be close to his grand kids.


He was great. What a career. Phone Post 3.0

Hell, he's a natural-born world-shaker.

I liked his character in The Dirty Dozen