R.I.P. George R.R. Martin

You were a great author. I hope your work continues through someone else. Heart disease is a horrible thing, hopefully we make advances in the near future.

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He wont finish the series

If this is true this is VERY strange because only 15 minutes ago I gave a listen to the audio-book prologue of "A Song Of Ice And Fire" (first book).

It just popped in my head out of nowhere.


Very creative and talented mind.

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This better not be fake OP.

Cant be true westeros.org would be going crazy

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Let the vote downs begin.

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ttt for the truth

Heart failure at 65 years old. Emitted to Bayonne Hospital in Bayonne N.J. at 9:45 PM on October 13th, George R.R. Martin suffered fatally from his heart failure at 11:43 PM. The author of A Song of Ice and Fire, widely famous for it's HBO interpretation as well as the Nightflyers novellas. George R.R. Martin was listed one of the Time 100 in 2011 and has been considered one of the most influential figures in the Fantasy Sci-Fi genre since the onset of Game of Thrones - an Emmy Award winning H.B.O. series starring Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean.

Martin was never married, however he leaves behind a loyal fan-base that was at times so obsessed with his works that it created a rift between the two similar to a normal marriage. Unfortunately for fans Martin also leaves behind his unfinished work; 5 out of 7 purported novels in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

D.B. Weiss and David Benoiff, executive producers of Game of Thones for HBO, have already issued a statement to fans, "George was a great guy, full of life and love for his family and fans. He always wanted his fans to feel fulfilled and made sure that early on we were given the final pieces to his beautiful puzzle. Since day one George has told us that if anything happens to him, we are to make sure that his works are given their just finale. It will be a massive efforts, but HBO will spare no expense making sure it is done."

Worst part is, I heard he died while on the shitter.