R.I.P. Joe Kubert

Comic world has lost another legend, very sad news. Joe was one of the greats.


A true legend.


One of the very special things about him was his ability to draw out a character with no foundation drawing. Theres a video on you tube of John Romita snr being in awe of Joe's ability to draw Hawkman straight from his head and no mistakes. That is natural talent you cant fudge with crosshatching.

His inking was fantastic too. Lot of artists have come from the Joe Kubert school,I always dreamed of going there as a kid but it wasnt to be. The industry has a lot to thank him for. Phone Post

RIP for Mr. Kubert, one of my absolute favorite artists and someone who I grew up reading.

As I got older, I remember going back into the Silver Age books that Kubert had worked on and I absolutely ate them up and loved them.