You set the blueprint for mafiosos from NJ.

Rip you goomba Phone Post

that's sad Phone Post 3.0

Seriously it isn't, John Goodman has been dead for 10 years and people are still laughing about his tragic demise at Sea World.

The best thing about mr Goodman was that he was his own best friend.

Rip big guy. Phone Post 3.0

I don't get this thread... at all. Phone Post 3.0

This is dumb.

RIP James Gandolfini


but really. Almost Heros was legit Phone Post

I posted a nice eulogy to James on my Facebook.... With a pic of Artie Lange.

I love it when a celebrity dies and I can troll FB. Phone Post 3.0

I thought he was great as the bus driver in Billy Madison. RIP

All of thise movies he made with Bert Reynolds are classics.

RCP - This joke needs to end.... It's not funny Phone Post 3.0
This. He's a family friend of my brother in laws family. I'm sure people would love to joke about one of their own family members being dead. Phone Post 3.0

bozy - My old man died in 95' and some people around here are more stiff than he is. Cold Blooded!!! Phone Post
Excellent retort Phone Post 3.0

But seiously.

Hagrid will never die Phone Post