R.I.P. "Sensational" Sherri Martel

It has been reported that womens professional wrestler Sensational Sherri passed away today. You could remember her from the the WCW and WWF in the late 80s/early 90s and on. She's probably best remembered for aligning with the Macho Man on his bad guy stint in the late 80s or with HBK when he first turned heel in the early 90s.

RIP Sherri

You'll always be the Queen of bitches.

Nothing reported yet.

She was 49 yrs old.


The funniest thing I saw with her is at www.wrestlinggonewrong.com. If you click on the link where Booker T inadvertantly caled Hulk Hogan a N*****r on live television while she was standing next to him, her reaction is priceless.

RIP Sensational Sherri :(


Drugs or suicide or both

Real name Sherri Russel.


I remember you can hear her yell over the announcer voices. Best heel women manager of all time!

One of the greatest women Pro-wrestlers of all time for sure.


was she also luna?

wow i just saw the "we coming fo you nigga" on youtube as well. sherri was a great. this is sad. all my stars are falling.

She is not Luna. That's Luna Vachon, a pro wrestler from Canada.

Wow! Unbelievable. RIP.

i just read she was from my home state of louisiana. this sucks.

Man that sucks. She was one of the best.


pro-wrestling is having a lot of deaths of late

RIP, one of my fave managers ever.

Sacry Sherri, man that sucks, RIP...

"pro-wrestling is having a lot of deaths of late"

ya think??