R. Markham ices M. Pyle ... easily

What's crazy is ... if he hadn't suffered the loss to Trevor Garrett recently I think most hardcore fans would have called his fight with Pyle a toss up, as they're both excellent prospects/talents ... It was the way Rory lost [TKO by GnP from the standing position by Garrett] that caused me to doubt him ... I guess anyone can get caught [heck, look at some of the best fighters around right now ... most of them have a couple of early losses that, when you look back at them, seem almost flukey]. A couple of things to keep in mind are: 1] Garrett is a very dangerous opponent, not to be taken lightly by anyone ... No matter what your ranking is, etc ... you'd better be at your best against Trev. 2] Markham looked a little out of shape against Garrett ... sort of flabby even, and I think that definately affected his performance in that fight [slower reflexes=easier to get tagged and stunned, etc..]

With the win over Mike Pyle it's obvious that Rory has made himself the man to beat at 170 lbs in The IFL ... We'll see how he does, but I think he's a level above the other guys that are there so far.. but remember, soon there will be international comp in there ... even Japan, Brazil, Russia, etc...

Props to Rory on a great win, and big ups to The IFL for taking a chance on the sport of MMA.

Rory is the F'n man in my book!!


that's impressive because pyle is a legit badass.

rory is well on his way to the big time.

Congrats to Rory!!! :)

thanks subwrestler for saying im dangerous.
Hopefully I get a fight soon to show everyone.

NP Trevor, anyone who says you're not dangerous is a fool... just ask Menne, McCarthy, and Markham.

TTT for Rory

Rory came out blazing for this fight and he was probably in some of the best shape he has been in during his young career. He came out doing what he does, throw nasty combos. He rocked Pyle early with a left hook which lead to Pyle shooting in on Ror, only to get the takedown stuffed.

I lost it when Ror landed the superman (bow and arrow) punch dropping Pyle. He then smoked him with like 6 solid fast shots straight down. Pyle was compltely out.

Rory has arrived and 170 pounds looks like a great fit for him. (this was his first fight at that weight)



Garrett is tough for sure. Hits hard as well

I guess Rory will now face Brad Blackburn? If so, and I mean this with all due respect to Brad for being a tough competitor and all ... but, I really think Brad's a step down from Pyle and Rory shouldn't have too many problems with him [as long as he remains focused and stays in the same shape he was for the Pyle fight].

TTT for the favorite to win the IFL 170 lb title, Rory Markham

Both Rory and Mike have big futures in front of them. They will both be around for years to come.



Well, I think Mike was starting to think he was a big puncher after KO'ing Machado ...

I mean, the KO loss to Markham happened so fast that I doubt he could have stopped it anyway .. but he immediately assumed the posture with Rory that he wanted to exchange shots and Markham was glad to oblige him..lol

My point is ... Mike's stand up is not his strong point, he's a world class grappler in MMA, and really shouldn't be exchanging shots with a guy like Rory.

TTT for Markham ...

Pyle, obviously, still has a bright future in MMA ... but. he'll need to play to his strengths and avoid his opponents strengths in the future.