r percent Covid deaths in CT in long term care


Seriously messed up, article says neighboring states stats similar. 

72 percent of deaths. Fucking website.

Yes, many of us have made this point from day one, as soon as we could see what was happening in Europe and Italy especially. The virus preys on the elderly. They are the ones at risk, not the majority of society. Nothing here is new, we knew all of this in April. Incubate the old and the sick, let the young spread the virus and experience the sniffles and move on with life

The actual percentage is new. If it holds across the country 3/4 of the deaths could have been prevented.

Shouldn't we have been told this from the start? The actual numbers, not general covid death numbers.

Donald Trump's failed COVID response has resulted in mass death.


Donald Trump's failed COVID response has resulted in mass death.

If this is a troll your an asshole.

If you believe this your a dumb asshole.


Donald Trump's failed COVID response has resulted in mass death.

Trump should have stopped that mean virus! Biden will stop it !

“The report finds that nearly 72 percent of the state’s coronavirus-related deaths through July occurred at long-term care facilities.”

I’ve seen similar numbers elsewhere.

While the obvious element is that they were elderly, a really important other fact was that they were already “locked down”!

Think about it: most deaths were with elderly, non-working people already confined. So, remove the dumb virtue signaling, especially as with States in charge, a lot of these deaths could have been prevented with better testing of the staff, not allowing staff to work at multiple facilities, etc.

And you don’t lock down working people and businesses when the deaths are with people over 70!

Even with 200,000 deaths, you realize it’s a mere 0.06% of the overall US population after more than 6 months? Same ratios in non-confined Sweden BTW.

And again, most were NOT in the general working public.

It’s complete insanity what’s happening, worldwide. Not just in the US BTW. I seriously can’t believe what’s been happening TBH. I’m baffled, mad, bewildered, want to burn, shoot down, or escape to the woods LOL

WTF has happened besides the media being the enemy of the people? For the first time, I believe in powerful string pullers that influence throughout the Western world.

72 percent of deaths in elderly group homes. 

from the article: Connecticut’s nursing home numbers were similar to those in neighboring states.

ya lets shut everything down and bury small businesses



Shouldn't this be the biggest news story around?

jpm995 - 

Shouldn't this be the biggest news story around?

not when the President works for PUTIN!