R1 Wrestling?

Hey does anyone know anything about R1 down in El Segundo where Frank Trigg trains? I know they have submission wrestling classes but they used to have a freestyle/folkstyle wrestling club run out of Torrance high school before they moved to El Segundo. Do they still have it?


I trained there some this year. Everyone was nice. Rico C. still teaches and he is THE reason to go there --even more than Trigg. He is as good as it gets for learning wrestling. Really amazing teacher as any who has met him will tell you.

Also, Vladdy Matushenko just openend his own "wrestling-based" MMA school very close by. Vladdy is likewise a great wrestling teacher.

It seems to me a lot of the experienced people must have left R1. Classes for wrestling were small & there were not many very experienced guys there.

Vladdy's is cheaper and seems to be attraching more experienced people to the "regular" classes. The Pros train during the day at both places.

I would try BOTH schools.

OVERALL, I personally prefer Vladdy's for learning but like I said, Rico is fantastic.

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your folkstyle wrestling club question.

You can't go wrong with either place.

I personally like training w/ Rico because we're almost the same exact size.