Rabbit punch

Question for the boxing historians: Anyone know when, and under what circumstances, the rabbit punch was outlawed in pro boxing in the US? How about in other countries? Any ideas about where to find this info.? Thanks for your help.


Go to that page and see the section "THE MUCH-TALKED-OF RABBIT PUNCH.WHY IT IS FROWNED UPON."

Looks like it was controversial and being phased out around that time (1926), so I doubt it lasted much longer.


Many thanks for the info. about the Tunney site, Jason. And thanks to Stickgrappler for the link.

Really useful and interesting stuff. Doesn't tell me exactly when it was outlawed but it does, as you say, make clear that it was not before-- and probably not too long after-- 1926. I know that it was already outlawed in every country but the US as of 1921, possibly before that.

Anyone know if either of the Dempsey/Tunney fights included one or more rabbit punches?

Thanks, Martin. That is great stuff.

Looks like another piece of the puzzle is in place in terms of figuring out the chronology: if Dempsey always used the rabbit punch and his last fight was rematch with Tunney in Sept. 1927, probably means that it was outlawed at some point after 1927. (The ref. in Chicago certainly didn't have any qualms about enforcing the new neutral corner rule on Dempsey, so if rabbit punch had been made illegal at that point, seems like he would have enforced that one too.)

I wonder if Dempsey's enthusiastic use of the rabbit punch was a factor in its eventually being outlawed.

Many thanks for the perspective and context re: reffing in that era. The whole rabbit punch question makes a lot more sense to me now. And so does the Long Count!