Raccoon used for breathalyzer


This story is straight out of the movie “Tommy Boy.”
Remember the scene when Chris Farley and David Spade were rolling around in the car with what they thought was a dead deer in the back seat and it woke up and attacked the two?
That same kind of event happened — but this time for real — in San Diego, Calif.

A man who needed to blow into a Breathalyzer to start his car was too drunk to do so. What he did next is almost unbelievable. He somehow found a raccoon going through the garbage, captured it and then used the raccoon to blow into the breathalyzer.
Let he who has not kidnapped a raccoon to blow into the ignition breathalyzer interlock system cast the first stone:


— Stephen Quinn (@CBCStephenQuinn) September 30, 2015
According to a report that was shared on Imgur, the raccoon became unconscious so the man left the raccoon in the car and drove off. A short time after, the raccoon woke up and started to attack the driver.

According to telegraph.co.uk:
He did not stop driving, however, and so he crashed into a residential fence.

The vehicle then apparently ‘came to a stop’ in a swimming pool.
I’m not one to judge, but generally when you have a Breathalyzer on your steering wheel it’s there because you haven’t made the best decisions in the past. And this, I have to believe, is this man’s rock bottom. It’s also probably the raccoon’s.

How is this not Florida?

Was the guy floridian? Phone Post 3.0


http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/sep/30/navy-marine-racoon-breathalyzer-camp-pendleton/ Phone Post 3.0

Pat Giles - Fake.

http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/sep/30/navy-marine-racoon-breathalyzer-camp-pendleton/ Phone Post 3.0

God damn it.