Rachel Nichols Apologized to ESPN and Maria Taylor - LOL! (FINALS BOOTED)

Apologizing for her Whiteness, and for her privilege for allowing racisms to happen ON DECK!!!


Bake the cake bigot!!


Lol. Don’t say that you’re sorry when you’re not…

Isn’t that a song?

gets fucked over via racism, then apologizes for being racist? Fuck this entire clown country. It’s not even funny anymore. Enjoy you stupid cuck bitch!


Didn’t she praise Maria in the audio clip and essentially say she just didn’t want an on screen demotion? What is she apologizing for? She even acknowledged that ESPN had a problem with diversity hiring in the past. I don’t get it.

randy marsh insult GIF by South Park


Sure. Verbally that’s what she said. But inside, what she meant was “f that spotlight stealing n-word!” That was obvious.


She’ll start her listening tour soon where she’ll have tough and uncomfortable conversations.


because she implied a black woman didnt earn something. unless you push the narrative that black people have to work twice as hard to get promoted or hired for something, you will be punished by the marxist overlords. Rachel nichols is at the bottom of the oppression ranks, being a white striaght woman, so she doesnt get away with it



^Like that one better

Rachel Nichols Booted From NBA Finals Sideline Gig After Maria Taylor Comments

Rachel Nichols has been AXED from covering the NBA Finals … with the ESPN reporter losing her sideline gig following her controversial comments regarding Maria Taylor .

Nichols sparked outrage after leaked audio from 2020 went public over the weekend … when she claimed the decision to have Taylor host Finals coverage was due to ESPN “feeling pressure” about adding more diversity among on-air talent.

While Nichols apologized for her comments and praised Taylor on Monday, ESPN has decided to keep her on the bench for the 2021 Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns.

The network announced rising star Malika Andrews – who’s been an NBA insider since 2018 – will take over the mic starting Tuesday night … saying, “We believe this is the best decision for all concerned in order to keep the focus on the NBA Finals.”

It’s unclear if the move is permanent, but ESPN says Nichols will continue to host “The Jump.”

Malika Andrews Also black (And hot)…Yay, diversity Rachel!

lol. They really put her in check. “Oh you don’t like what we did? We’ll do it again, you’re out. Go sit down!”

Whoever leaked that screwed her. Nothing blatantly wrong with what she said, but it was enough to put her on the list these days. She should have publicly celebrated the original decision. It would have been bullshit, but it’s what would have benefited her in the long run.

All these cheesy sports-entertainment gigs, yeah you’re talented and do a great job but so are other people in that area. You still got the hook-up. The hook-up is not permanent, it is easily transferable to another person, perhaps of a more convenient color, if you’re not smart about it. Gotta play the game, gotta roll with the tide and work the proper angles.

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Put that dog whistle away, Rachel! We know who you are. We know what you are thinking!!!

Maria Taylor’s contract is up and she’s looking for huge $ to renew. Now that she’s a victim, her leverage just went way up.


She’s lookin’ for that “Stephen A money, playboy!”

Trying to use this incident to get over $5 million per year!

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All good points. Rachel’s mother in law is Diane Sawyer. It’s probably not a coincidence that she got a job in the ABC family.

I’m sure she’s worked hard her whole life and has earned plenty, but I’m also sure she’s had opportunities that would probably seem unfair to the average joe.

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She turned down a $5 million/year contract. She wants over $7 million.

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This was all too predictable.

Her mistake was apologizing for something that she need not to. Cancel culture doesn’t give a fuck about your apologies if there is someone else higher on the identity politics totem pole, in this case a black female vs. a white female.

The only way to combat cancel culture is to stand up for yourself but of course Rachel Nichols doesn’t have the backbone to do that. She’s a leftist cuck herself who’s admittingly taken advantage of the diversity hiring practices so I don’t feel bad for her.