Rachelle Leah in YRB Magazine (pics)

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More at gasolineglamour.com


God Damn!





I wish that was average, the world would be a much better place with billions of girls walking around looking like that. Great stomach.

There are much hotter chicks in porn and other maxim type shit magazines

Great body. Her facing is kinda going to hell in those pictures but of course I would still, you know... do her!

Shes definitely hot, but she seems to have lost her innocence. But she is still mad hot.

 Does she still work for the UFC? Don't really see her anywhere now. They don't really do All Access anymore, do they?


 She's also on the cover to Playboy's new Top 100 sexiest special.

MMTM -  thread "was" awesome... way to go

 That's what the Vote Down option is for. I definitely voted that post down.




YRB Magazine Jan / Feb 2009

Has she been posted in the Hot Chicks wiht Abs thread yet?

ummmm... DAMN!!!

Still the hottest ring girl ever.

Rachelle is awesome. I wish they would give her ring card duties again.

The playboy spread was good too.