Racial disparities are proof of GOD's will

You might as well say that when 90% of the instances where the term "systemic" or "insitutional" racism is used.


The reason?  It's basically the exact same argument.


  While I know Dawkins is a controversial figure here on the OG, I think there's a few things he pointed out that are uncontrovertably true, and probably one of his most uncontroversial points was the "god of the gaps".  


From Wikipedia: 

"God of the gaps" is a theological perspective in which gaps in scientific knowledge are taken to be evidence or proof of God's existence. The term "gaps" was initially used by Christian theologians not to discredit theism but rather to point out the fallacy of relying on teleological arguments for God's existence.


I'd note that this wasn't actually an original idea from Dawkins, but one he used most correctly to point out exceptionally bad thinking from some of the religous people he argued with. Regardless of how you feel about religon, Dawkins is absolutely correct...this is not a reasonable claim by anybodies standards. 


The reason why this is so important to point out is that this same thinking is the root of the overwhelming claims of systemic or institutional racism...or as it's recently been referred to "globalized racism.  Typically what justifies these claims are a big pile of charged rhetoric, and the quoting of the disparity itself, with the existence of the disparity being the PROOF of the systemic or institutional racism. 


I'm going to point that out again since it requires somebody to actually think about it for a moment.  When examining a disparity, most of the proof of the systemic racism is the existence of the disparity itself.  


The reason that this is so concering is this... the overwhelming amount of this thinking is coming from academic institutions, and from programs people laughably refer to as "sciences".  But the places and programs producing this thinking are not sciences at all. They are ideologies that take on a religous-like aspect when groups of ideologues form in masses more than a small handful.  They are activist farms, and I'd point out how impossible that is to disagree with, since most of these programs actually have an activist requirment literally built into them. 


Now are there actually systemic or institutionalized thing that create sort of a negative feedback loop in society?  Oh yea...and they are overwhelmingly ignored by these cunts, because they are either sacred cows of the religon or are not useful in pushing towards whatever ideological end goal these fuckers want...specifically the destruction of the two parent family due to a change in social services and family coutr law, and the complete failure of the inner city public schools.  Both these are extremely valid issues on how institutionalized problems disparately effect minorities, however they are fundamentally NOT issues. 



So next time somebody tells you about "systemic racism" you just tell them, "no, this happening is proof of the will of god."   


You will make a completely equal amount of sense...which is none at all.