Racists yell that man is not welcome in their neighborhood, chase him out

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biden’s America


I have been told a few times I wasn’t allowed in a few “neighborhoods” because I’m white by the predominant race on the

If a white neighborhood told another race to get off their block it would be national news.

America should be past segregation.⁸


Really surprised me when I got older and realized how much blacks wanted to stay segregated all while constantly crying about racism.

I delivered paint in my early 20s around 2002 and delivered to a shitty little neighborhood office building in LA and was told that if white people move in they’re quickly “moved” out.


Bruce Lee Racism GIF

If they dont want him there, then he should just gladly leave, and let the neighborhood folks take care of it themselves


How to build a no go zone

Apparently this was from the riot days a few year back. Oh Twitter. Still shitty.

2 times I was told by black people to get out of their area.

Once my buddy and I joined a softball league. It was an all black softball league. We didn’t know that. We got out at the park, black folk everywhere. A dude came up and told us to leave, this isn;t going to be good for us.

Another time when we were in our early 20s, looking for fun dive bars, we walk in and it’s 100% black people. a guy came up and told us to leave, we weren’t welcome and if we stay we will be killed. lol

Thanks Biden

i respect that you got a warning to leave. I know I would simply leave in those circumstances also.

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when I worked at UPS back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I asked the guy that delivered to the local projects. He was a young Italian guy that looked like a body builder. I asked him one day if he ever had any problems delivering there. He said no. He said everyone wants to get there stuff so they loved him. With that said on 2 occasions, we had FBI show up knowing exactly what package they wanted when it came off the truck. I got to open one once bc I had a box cutter on me. I swear on my grave I saw a thing of coke the size of a bowling ball. I heard they delivered it to make an arrest. Not sure where Im going with this but it reminded me of a cool starry bra.

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