Radio Segment Ideas

So I'm gonna be doing some more shit and submitting it to the CBC for them to air nationwide on Radio One. Nothing super serious/professional, haha that's not really my style. Anyway, I want to do some interesting/informative/light-hearted pieces that somehow have something to do with MMA in Canada. Anyone have any ideas for different angles I could take with this? They want sort of "movies without pictures", so the more I involve a unique sound (i.e. getting into a gym where there's some hardcore training going on) the better.

If anyone has any ideas at all, I'd love to hear them. I've got plenty for non-MMA related pieces, but I also want to throw some MMA at them and see what they think.

Interview Showdown, a Canadian Heritage... ;p


JHR drunk is always good audio.

How about JHR drunk... hitting on my sister!

A drunk JHR getting cornholed in jail for hitting on Kellett's sister is no fun.

What's your mom look like ?





stay away from my mom, lest I should have to unleash my 135 pounds of fury on you!