Radio Stations In Vancouver

what radio stations do u vancouverites listen to. anyone tune into team1040 am?? Dan patrick show rocks. I also find david pratt and don taylors show pretty funny.

i listened exclusively to jack fm for pretty much all of 2003 but it is starting to suck ass lately at times, and the fox is starting to play older stuff again so now i switch back and forth between the fox and jack.

can u listen to jack online? url?

by the way i miss bruce allens sunday night show on 99.3. ohh well

bruce allen is on jack sometimes - and i'm not sure if you can listen online, i've never tried

CKNW 980 for canucklehead games, CKNW 980 also for news. In the mornings I flip between the JACK and ROCK101 and then later on, I channel surf between JRFM, THE BEAT, Z95, FOX or Rock 101. Listen to what suits me.
CKNW rocks for talk radio, haven't listened to 1040 much but I guess I should more.

pick of david pratt and don tayler at 3 pm. hilarious show