Radiohead > Coldplay

By a long shot…

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if you listen to either you’re a fag


What a bold statement.

I also want to add that Tom Brady > Jim McMahon

Jimi Hendrix > Backstreet Boys

Was anybody saying otherwise?

And how many paint chips did they eat as a kid?

Radiohead look like they fight against social injustice through deescalation of illegal migrant violence by letting prisoners rape their butts through a Soros-sponsored glory hole in downtown San Diego.

Coldplay look like they run an NGO that advises HIV positive celebs on how to look more sick and gay. Their instructions are presented in form of french arthouse short films in which the whole band star in drag, reading out aloud poems to their adopted african children.

Chinese scientists think it’s impossible to enjoy both MMA fights and these homosexual boy bands.

I honestly didn’t know they were a different bands. I think every time I heard someone say “coldplay” i heard radiohead in my brain, and vice versa. I too have eaten a lot of paint chips. Legit, didn’t know it was two different bands.

I need a minute.


Really can’t compare the 2 whatsoever. What the
Thom Yorke is a musical genius both with Radiohead and by himself.
Can’t stand Coldplay, never understood why they became so POPular.

yeah, I’m with you - I can’t stand either one

Radiohead is hit or miss for me. But I like most Coldplay songs. Definitely got laid quite a bit to both though.

just not my cup of tea. there’s a lot of music i like i’ve been called a fag for. much gayer than radiohead.

1 turd < 2 turds

You got laid listening to that shit? Are you a Samaritan or something?


Oasis > Stone Roses> Verve> Blur > Coldplay > Radiohead

Love me some coldplay

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Grow up

They both suck, Radiohead is one of the most overrated bands ever.