I am very happy to announce that Rafael Alejarra has joined the Demian Maia Chicago Academy as the strength, conditioning, and nutrition coach.

Alejarra worked with Demian for his last fight and we are very pleased to have him advise our team here at the academy in the Chicago area.

Alejarra will advise the team from his home base in Las Vegas and make regular trips to the academy to check progress.

Here is a short bio from Alejarra as well as a link to his youtube page to see his videos. (ill try to post them but i suck at the internet!) 


My name is Rafael Alejarra. My background as a physical trainer began in Brazil, where I was raised and first gained experience. As a trainer, I had both the opportunity and privilege to work with several of the greatest athletes in the fighting world, such as: Rodrigo Minotauro, Rogério Minotouro, Ronaldo Jacare, Andre Galvao, Phil Barone, Edson Draggo, and Robert Drysdale, among others. I have also been very fortunate to work daily along side Wanderlei Silva, to whom I owe a tremendous amount of my success as physical trainer, for believing in my potential and giving me the chance to be at his side in some of the highlights of his career. I would also like to thank all of the above mentioned athletes, who gave me the opportunity to show them my work and methodology. I would like to give special thanks to my great friend and main athlete, Wanderlei Silva.

-Rafael Alejarra


So how often is he going to be in Chicago?


i thought demian maia was in the same team than Anderson Silva ¿? And what happend with Andre Galvao? Did they brake their relationship? Is amazing how brazilians change between teams.

Bandwith, Demian and anderson silva on a team???? have no idea what you mean there. 

Demian got connected with Wand and Alejarra through Andre Galvao when Galvao was helping out Wand.  Of course Alejarra's services are not exclusive to our team!

We are looking at having Alejarra out every two months and I will talk to him almost daily about work out programs etc for the guys.



i am saying this because i have seen demian maia in the corner of anderson silva in UFC, so i deduced that he was training in their gim/team

Demian has NEVER been in the corner of Anderson silva in the ufc...or any other fights anderson silva has had...you are mistaken Bandwith. 



 I know Hikikomi!  Im talking with some people to get it going...im pretty useless when it comes to that stuff, and to put it in UG terms....I SUCK AT THE INTERNET!