Rafael and Gui Mendes at SF Open

Just amazing stuff from Rafa at the SF Open

The Knee on Belly switch to the leg drag position, going from armbar on the bottom to the back!

blue help, thanks


Gui's match


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Watched it earlier.

Rafa is mind-blowing. His movement is ridiculous.

That was amazing. Phone Post

That was amazing. Phone Post

had to watch the botched armlock spin under to back a few times.

Raf is on another planet

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Rafa's movement is smoothest in the business. Props to his tough opponent too, he only has one hand.

Just realized his opponent only had one hand at the end lol, regardless that was a technical masterpiece.



Thanks mike!

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valient effort by the other guy. Nice calf slicer attempt to counter the leg drag around 5:00 - 5:10. If he could've shrimped out a little and crossed his legs better maybe he would've had something. Rafa must've been maintaining some solid hip pressure there.