rafter chins

Anybody here ever try chinning with a pinch grip from a ceiling rafter? You gotta have a grip like a pitbull to do one of those.Even supporting yourself in a dead hang position from a rafter is impressive.

I remember reading some old school M.A. masters ,and I think Bruce Lee, could do these.But I doubt theres too many guys who could.

I know some guys here do them... maybe it was Sonnon? I dunno, it's been a while since we talked about this Dinosaur stuff. I miss it.

That sounds rough.. pinch gripping plates is hard enough. I couldn't even imagine being able to chin like that.

I gave it a try once and was completely humbled.

There is an article(s) and quite a few posts over at the Dragondoor forum about doing these.

Check out ironmind.com

He is... it's inspiring :)

He's got the knuckledragger syndrome.

Can you get any video, Xen? You should try..

How are you progressing to a one-hand handstand pushup? That is some impressive shit.

E-mail me dude. I wanna ask you something.


"I'd love to have that kind of resources to just dedicate my life to having total mastery of THE badassness."

Knuckledragger in a nutshell my friend :)

Man the planche rocks.  I'll aim to hit that in a few years time :D