Rage In The Cage 59 DVDs are READY

Not to brag, but this is the best work I've done to date. The DVD now has a tale of the tape, full menus and highlights and replays after each fight.

Here are some pics from the fight of the night between Cody West and Carlos Ortega.







Feel free to email me with any questons to: welldoneproductions@cox.net . They are on sale for 14.95 and payment can be made via Paypal to: ritcpaypal@yahoo.com . Thanks, JM.



You do good work man... You are learning a trade while following a favorite hobby, that is cool.

Thanks. I really appreciate it.


Fight #1

John Bailey ( 168 ), Leininger Dojo won by disqualification ( illegal strike ), :13 Rd 1 Frank Sanchez ( 161 ), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #2

Michael Perales ( 202 ), Devil's Den won by decision ( 3-0 ) Mark Walters ( 211 ), Genesis Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #3

Troy Tolbert ( 140 ), Leininger Dojo won by submission ( choke ), 2:46 Rd 2 Noel Leija ( 148 ), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #4

Cory Timmerman ( 333 ), Team Brausa won by submission ( arm bar ), :46 Rd 1 Lemuel Vincent ( 291 ), Warriors Guild Martial Arts

Fight #5

Ed West ( 150 ), Hinzman's MMA won by decision ( 3-0 ) Carlos Ortega ( 151 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #6

Mike Lightfoot ( 198 ), Team Brausa won by submission ( choke ), 1:06 Rd 2 Chappo Montijo ( 208 ), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #7

Mike Rainieri ( 214 ), Team Brausa won by submission ( strikes ), 1:39 Rd 1 Karl Perkins ( 244 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #8 ( Main Event )

Shane Johnson ( 205 ), Hinzman's MMA won by submission ( knee bar ), :53 Rd 1 Roger Mejia ( 220 ), AZ Punishment

Uscott churns those dvds out quick! Pretty soon he'll be able have the DVD ready before the event takes place :)

LOL at FiteSeeker's comment. ( virtual RITC coming from well done productions BEFORE the fights happen ).

Darrell Parrish wants to fight Ed West in RITC. I hope I can get that matchup for an upcoming RITC event.

Would be a good one

*in addition to butter, UscottNATHAN starts churning out RITC 60-121*

RITC features Aireal Crandall in a world title bout against Darrella Parrish

It would be nice to see Darrell back in RITC as a fighter, best of luck to both fighters!

D, you are wise. Ed's a pretty big 155, what are you weighing right now?

Ray Ray, naw, you da man! What do you think about you vs Foland?

True. The kid looked in really good shape.

UscottNATHAN, what fights did you put on the "Best Of" DVD?

There is a list on that link.





Steinbeiss vs. Foland has main event written all over it!! I would love to see that fight stay standing but it probably wouldn't be in Ray's best interest.

Right on, Ray. I can fully understand that. Good luck.

I'm with Ray, Foland is a cool guy and one I would not like to fight. I do think that Ray has the tools to beat him though.

I agree, Stix, but Ray is developing still. He'll know when he is ready to go big.

Despite the weight, Foland-Lucero would be a good fight. Also, Foland-Battlecat Johnson would be unbelievable.

That would be great. But Riggs' asking price now is prob more than RITC cares to pay.

It would still be cheaper and a hell of a lot better than Homer/Severn.