Rage on the River .... CANCELED!!!

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, "Rage on the River" has been CANCELED!!!

This is in regards to the 'leasing contract' of the building we were using for the show! I was notified around 6:30pm on Friday that a Judge will be serving the Venue with 'papers' notifying the owners that if ANY SPORTING EVENT takes place on the premises, all those affiliated with he said event can & will be prosecuted!

You have no idea how badly this hurts me to have to cancel this event on such short notice. I too have put in many hours, not only in training my team mates, but in the cordinantion & orginazation of this event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at anytime!

Dustin Ware

Rage on the River - Fight Coordinator


Contact Information:

740-377-2505 (Home)

304-412-1604 (Cell)



Sorry about your event....I know it must suck. We were going to drive up tonight to check it out....

Do you know how this will affect March 27th???

Robert Baker

Dustin,I'm sorry to hear this news.Hopefully,the show in March,will still happen.Are you still coming to Columbus next month?



Sorry to hear that, Dustin.

Hope things work out better for your next show.

ttt for the next show

Thanks Guys!

Well, at least Jorge Gurgel was hear today to put me through enough pain during our seminar, that I almost forgot about this even happening:)



SP. Just to let all my friends know, I am relocating to Columbus, OH in 2 weeks and will be looking for a place to train & Teach BJJ. If anyone knows of any school, I would be more then happy to send a resume with Refrences.