Rage worth a playthrough?

Have the game. Played through 2 missions, felt like i was forcing myself through it. Phone Post

If you want to see some cool scenery and have a little old school Doom style fun, sure. If you need to care about what's going on to enjoy yourself, no.

It's very pretty, it has funny moments, but it has no story and very little structure. Why am I shooting these people? Who knows. Why should I care? I don't.

It's like fucking a very well made sex doll. Yeah it looks cool and you will get off. But it just has no warmth and doesn't make you feel anything.

No burn immediately Phone Post


it was ok and i got a lil ways into the...graphics n all are nice no plms there...i just got tired of playing n traded it in after i got some time in Eastern WAstelands

hated going back to areas ijust previously went through but with different baddies (WTF?) .

its an ok imo ..i would say rent it if anything

however i have to confess that the wingsticks are the best weapon imo lol...even more than the guns..seriously

nothing better than lopping off 3 fools heads with one windstick throw VS blasting a clip of your weakass machine gun into one dude.