RageInTheCageFans:Opinions Wanted

For the new year, I vow to create a "best of" DVD and have it ready for the show this month. What I am looking for is opinions on what you think the best fights have been. The only thing is, I began doing the DVD creations post 47. So, they have to be 48 on.

I know alot of people have taped certain fights from previous shows, if anyone wants to contribute a fight tape from a prior show, I will really appreciate it. Frainee's group would really like to have the Dodge threatre show, so that would be awesome to get that.

Fights I'd really like to get include:

Parrish vs. the moron from the Kenpo school


And of course, anything with Pred for all of his fans.


Fights that will be included:


Fickett-Bell (edited down)



Casillas from Tucson fight


Gustavo from CG


Rivas from 57

Ortega from last CG show



Gamez-Mean Gene


Beraun-Jed..........nah I can't do it. No Jed fights.




Thanks in advance,



been way to long since i seen any ritc fights

ttt for Nathan...

Thanks Arias.

Ray Ray, you only fought once. But maybe I'll put it on. Where was it? CG?

What about Ortega/Rivas in Casa Grande? Stienbeiss/Branson was on the same card (also a good fight). Fickett/Lansing 1 sticks out in my mind but it was at 35. Riggs/Dean would be good. Finally, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, Hyatt/Meals was great fight (happened at 36, I can hook you up with a VHS of it if you want).
And when Santino almost pulled that BJJ BBs arm off (Souza was his name).

Ortega-Rivas....good fight. Good call.

I'd love to put Hyatt/Meals on it.

Please email me and we can work it out.


yeah and thanx for that RITC bracelt thingy...

u never sent!

bastid! lol jk


you've got mail JM

Arias, dude I was just thinking about that. I haven't forgot about that. It's in my guest house. I'll get it to you. This I vow.

Mjollnir. I just checked and I didn't get from you.

Throw in the best ritc dvd too brother...



Only if you come down here and me edit the DVD. :)

I just resent using another account. If you don't get that one try emailing me. naskiers@yahoo.com

I got it. Will return mail ASAP

Elbe, it will be on it. Only deal is I watched every dvd again last night. I narrowed it down to 36 fights. That means it will be a 2 dvd set or I will release it as in 2 volumes.

Hans is the man!

Up little thread up

I would like to see my fight with Homer Moore, or get a least a copy of it as mine was taped by my friend and the dumb ass filmed the floor the whole time and I havn't relly seen it yet.

So if you have a dvd of RITC 53 how can I get a copy?

ttt for my bracelet and DVD


Chris, I may include a portion of that fight. To get a DVD, please either email me at: welldone@cox.net or visit: