Ragin Kajan Johnson

Why hasn't this BC guy got his shot on the big stage yet? Impressive record, some solid wins, 1 over Pat Healy, anyone know much about him?

He lives in Montreal now.
You can find him in Tristar Gym everyday.
He's one of the nicest and laid back guys you'll ever meet.
He'll his shot soon hopefully.

Big fan of this guy and his exciting style.

Total package. Never met another fighter with the drive this guy has. His shot is long overdue. Glad to hear he relocated to be w/the best. He belongs there.

I used to train BJJ under Kajan... He gave me my blue belt a few years back. He is a totally cool guy and I have no clue why he didn't make the last ultimate fighter as he has a good personality for tv and the skills to win it all... One day in sure he will make the big show Phone Post