Raiders Draft (Ugh!)

So far...

1 (7) Michael Huff - S Texas: The fifth defensive back taken in the first round since 2001. Hopefully there's some luck with this one, but with Matt Leinert slipping within our reach, it was painful to see this pick.

2 (38) Thomas Howard - LB UTEP: OK, now this one pissed me off. Sure, the linebackers have been going surprisingly quick in this draft but you have to know that teams are hungry for Winston Justice or Lendale White. We could have easily traded down 10-15 spots and still picked up Howard.

I would have liked to see the Raiders pick up Justice or White with this pick because Barry Sims is playing like shit these days and we need a second back to take the load off of Lamont Jordan.

Disappointing draft so far.

Not to mention, it looks like Brooks might be throwing your ball now.

I used to love to hate the Raiders. But now it's like they are so pathetic, you feel bad for hating them.

It's like hating a retarded kid.

I think they were having flashbacks to Todd Marinovich w/ Leinert, and got spooked.

The moron fest continues......


Raider Apologist.

I was hoping they would trade up and draft AJ Hawk.

"It's like hating a retarded kid."

What's your team?

"What's your team?"

You know everyone responds to this with (insert last year's super bowl champs here)

hey at least the raiders will draft mr irrelevent this yr.

And it wasn't Marcus Vick!!!

I'm just glad Al wasn't in a position to draft the soon to be biggest bust of all time, Vince "6" Young.

"You know everyone responds to this with (insert last year's super bowl champs here)"

Well, if you're nothing more than a frontrunner, I suggest you shaddap.

I was raised a Raiders fan and am still a hardcore fan now when they are awful, but I don't completely disagree with that statement. Davis managed to run off both Callahan and Gruden, who are great coaches. Davis routinely micromanages and pisses off all of the coaches, to the point where no good coach wants to coach there anymore. Even when Gruden and Callahan were there, Davis would routinely undermine their authority and take away any sort of fines or punishment they would give out, completely wrecking any form of control the coaching staff had.

Davis is single handedly responsible for why the Raiders are awful these days. As long as he continues to act the way he does, and he is incredibly sharp even at his age, so it will probably be a while, the Raiders are going to continue to be awful.

This just in,"Water is wet".

we know striker,we know.

Raider Apologist,


Raiders fan know this, of course, as does anyone who pays attention to the NFL. I was basically agreeing with the statement that making fun of the Raiders is a lot like making fun of a retard, and cited the reasons why. When you reward foolishness and punish success, that is basically retarded.

"Davis is single handedly responsible for why the Raiders are awful these days."

Do you also give Big Al the praise for all the good seasons Oakland has had in their history?

Als' time has passed.He needs to move on.

Absolutely. Davis played a huge role in their past success. Now, however, he drives off good coaches, keeps trying to force quarterbacks with "big guns" onto the field who suck, and constantly drafts speedy defensive backs who end up being a massive bust year after year.


IMO, some of you guys are not cognizant of Al Davis & what he's done for not only the Oakland Raiders but also the NFL.

First of all, he's a Hall of Famer - inducted in 1992. Something maybe more telling than that is that he has been asked to present a record 8 other Hall of Fame inductees. Davis was also one of the main reasons the AFL & NFL merged (I wonder if some of you guys even know anything about the history of the AFL, actually).

Davis was the commissioner of the AFL at age 36. He was head coach & GM of the Raiders in 1963 @ 33 years old.

Al Davis has been directly involved with drafting the following players:

Fred Biletnikoff, Gene Upshaw, Ken Stabler, Art Shell, Jack Tatum, Cliff Branch, Ray Guy, Dave Casper, Lester Hayes, Matt Millen, Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Tim Brown, etc.

Basically, anybody who ever played for the Raiders & the reason you are fans of the Raiders, Al Davis is directly responsible for. I think he deserves a pass.

The NFL draft is no guarantee. Lots of teams & lots of GMs have fucked it up year after year. Al Davis can shine his Super Bowl rings while Raider "fans" call for him to go away. I grew up reading about the history of the NFL...I'm willing to bet I know more about it than most people here. Sometimes I get fed up with people who aren't as into it as I am and don't show respect for a guy who is one of the main reasons the NFL is the sport we all love today. Fans have a right to be vocal about things they don't agree with, but Al Davis IS the Oakland Raiders...if that's your team than you need to respect what he's done.

While I'm definitely no fan of the Raiders, Al Davis is to them as George Halas is to the Bears' history.