Raiders official 2022 thread

No Perryman, James, Moehrig, or Renfrow at practice.

Official now.

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Perryman & Renfrow ruled out.

Damn usually questionables play.

Josh Jacobs traveled to Tennessee today.His status is still questionable.

Sounds like Munford is starting.

Wow we are really shaking up the offensive line today.


Josh Jacobs is going to play.


Good throw by Carr.

Waller has to catch that.

Graham is lost.

Players can’t execute.

Whew needed that!

Check down play on 3rd and 18???
Do we not want first downs???

Please stop trying to use logic to understand the raiders

Need nothing less than 7 points on this drive.

1st & 10 & we are running the ball.

Two scores down go to the hurry up offense!!!

Wow just Wow at this point……