Raiding Loots rules

Been doing 25/10 man naxx for a few weeks now with this recently formed guild.

Is it just me that see something wrong with bringing in pugers to fill dps spots. Having them roll on valorous tokens after pulling 2300 on one boss fight. Then leaving raid?

Ive been workin at my shoulders for awhile this is the second week in a row i have lost a roll on it to a trash dps the guild leader pulled in at the last second for one boss fight. They roll, they win, they loot, they leave raid. I didn't want to come off like a loot whore or a greedy fucker. Is that really really fucked up or am i being a greedy fucker? Would i be in the right to say something to the gmaster? This fucking 25 man gear we are talking about. I watched a guild rogue lose a roll to a guy nobody knew that pulled under 1500 last night.

It's your guild's fault. Anyone that is invited to a raid should be able to roll on the loot from a boss kill.

If you don't want to lose rolls to horrible dps, recruit better people or tell them ahead of time if they don't contribute enough, they don't get a chance to roll on token gear or token gear is for guild only. If you give the rules up front, they have nothing to complain about if they accept the invitation.

if they have shitty dps shouldn't they get the gear? I mean if you have kickass dps you obviosly don't need the gear, right?

Most people with shitty dps have it because of a lack of skill, preperation or knowledge, not gear. I would prefer having great gear going to people that would actually maximize it's potential instead of stuck on someone who's not going to improve by much.

how can you have a lack of skill when it comes to dps?

All you have to do is have the cookie cutter build and spam the same shit over and over.

LOL @ skill and WOW in the same sentence.

I wouldn't mind if this was a guild member or even someone i knew. She is bringing in totally random ppl from /trade. These guys will most likely never raid with us again. Why the fuck would i care if they improve or not? I will prolly never see these people again.

I didn't know she was gonna let them roll. Guild spends an hour and a half in naxx, bring in a scrub for the last boss fight. Then lose a roll to a guy who just spent 8 minutes spamming sinister strike? Fucked up.

I have under 16 days played on my DK. I know fuck all about them in general. I am pushing 4k dps. Skill? Anyone with motor functions could do what i do.

Okay if anyone can do it, what accounts for the drastic differences in player performances?

Guild members should have priority on T7 pieces and have this explained to them at the start.

Steve W -  Jesus. Running raids for hours to get nothing. That's awesome.

...but think of all the sweet, sweet epics!