Raising Rabbits

 Rabbits are much easier

de braco - I was speaking specifically about rabbits. It's not pretty. I had a commercial rabbitery 30 yrs ago, can't stand the sight of one to this day. The way to go would be with a warren system. It does away with a lot of the cannibalism and health issues.

 I read you totally wrong. I see what you meant now.

 Growing up on a farm I raised lots of rabbits, many market rabbitts and even fancy breeds for show like Angora and French Lop.  As mentioned if you're trying to raise a market rabbit, go California or New Zealand.  And as said before the meat is super lean so the reason people starved is because protein is not a good source of fuel like carbs or fat it is a building block until you get ketosis involved.. etc..  but as part of a healthy diet, you'd be fine. (as mentioned, just the eating of some other form of dietery fat like nuts and beans would be fine).

We raised the white ones when I was a kid.  We started out with 3 or 4 and had 50+ within a year or two.

My dad got sick of dealing with them and made me kill and skin all of them.  I was 16 or so.  I just held them up by the back legs and hit them in the head with a metal rod to kill them.  It took about 5 minutes to skin one.  I got sick of rabbit after a few weeks.

The cannibalism part was gross.  Half of the time the mother rabbit would eat parts of the heads of all of her babies and kill them.  It was usually only when they didn't have a good place to bed down for some reason though.

This may sound wrong, but if I'm hungry and looking at a rabbit pondering stew, my mouth will actually water. I guess I'm a true carnivore.

JkdSam - They're more of a survival food than a self sufficiency food. You can eat them until you're full and still starve to death.

In a self sufficiency situation you would be perfectly fine. Rabbit starvation only occures when you eat nothing but, and I mean nothing but, lean meat like a wild rabbit. In a self sufficiency situation you're not going to eat only rabbit so rabbit starvation isn't a concern.

CR1chard - I know several people that will use rabbit droppings for fertilizer/compost, but don't know anyone cold-hearted enough to process a bunny for food.

Processing a rabbit for food is cold hearted?