Any Rakkasans in the house?

I was 3d Bat, 187th inf. (3d Bde 101st Airborne)

If you've seen the movie Big Fish, notice the patch on Ewan McGregor's uniform.

I was in 1/187th C.Co in 1993-1996. Now I am living at Ft. Campbell with the only BJJ/ Army Combatives gym in town.


I was there from 91 (just after Desert Storm) to Oct of 92. I'm still regimentally affiliated with the 187th, and will be for life.

I know the Iron Rakkasans is the unit name, but what is a rakkasan, exactly?

"Iron" Rakkasan is specifically in reference to the 3d Batallion 187th Inf. Not 1st and 2d.

To answer your question, the word "Rakkasan" is an old-school Japanese euphemism that was bestowed on the 187th back in WWII. It literally means something along the order of "falling down umbrella", another way of saying parachute.

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I was also a 50duchbag when I was in Berlin.