Ralek Gracie gets his black belt

nice work, Helio promoted him before he and Royce go to spain for some seminars with Robin.


He's HUGE. What the hell is up with all of Rorians kids being giants man. Congrats to Ralek on the promotion, he looks like a robot killing machine in that picture.

Gracie Diet imo.

Yeah, JSho:) I'm sure he never eats meat.


when are the seminars in spain?

I saw a vid on Sherdog where Royce says that Ralek went up to Fairtex with him to train Muay Thai. I wonder if he's gonna jump into MMA soon?


when are the seminars in spain?

Take a look at the picture of Royce, Helio and Ralek. Which guy do you think forgot to eat meat?


"Yeah, JSho:) I'm sure he never eats meat."

3 dbl dbl's at 1 sitting is alot of meat,no fries.

Ralek does have a pop in his punches

Why would a Gracie Diet comment = no meat?  Confused.

the gracie diet doesn't preclude you from eating meat.

wow! Ralek's huge!

"I'm sure the American guys at Roion's school who have been brown belts since Ralek was born, are thrilled."

I guess we'd have to see those American brown belts roll against Ralek to know if there is an injustice...

maybe damien ricio and his gang will show up again.

"I'm sure the American guys at Rorion's school who have been brown belts since Ralek was born, are thrilled"

i dont know of any that have been browns that long,if any thing would piss them off would be jordan getting his brown when he still in high school.

No Americans were made black belt at this promotion?

Weird. I love the Gracie Academy, but there seems to be a big hesitation on their part to promote someone outside the family to black belt.

Uh I think the promotion was private and in a garage NOT at the torrance academy.

Same could be said about your belt my freng and looong time bjjplaya not too mention mr.adcc 1994 ;-)

shen is correct. lol

Eric, I thought this took place at the academy...A friend who trains there thought there would be some new black belts around this time, so I was sure one of the old students would get one. I was surprised when they didnt. Maybe there is another ceremony soon. :)

Anyway, they know what they are doing. It's an awesome school.

Shen, I heard that Rey said he'd never promote an Armenian to Black belt - either way, the man with the great calves is out of luck...