ralf gracie pride jan21/05 ???

I heard Ralf Gracie is fighting in Pride in Jan.
Who's he fighting????

probably sum japanese scrub.i hope he loses again

ttt for Gumby! I haven't heard but I am excited for Ralph to get back in there and prove lots of people wrong

There is no Pride show in January


Halph, not Ralph.

Didn't GOMI kick the shit out of him in 6 seconds?

How about "Half"?

It always makes me feel like a guy dominated more if you can say "He kicked the shit out of him for three rounds before Ko'ing him.
When they lose in 6 secs...it's just that they got caught and you never know how it would go on the mat, etc.

Yes he lost fair and square but Mcleod is 100% right.

I see Couture dominate Tito for 5 rounds and feel that he would beat him 10 out of 10. I see BJ KO Uno in 2 seconds and I really don't get any feeling of who is better (obviously I know who was better that given night) or who would likely win another fight.