t's long been Blues or bust for Emily Rothschild.

But it wasn't until the Stanley Cup playoffs that her anatomy became a symbol of a hockey fandom's inspiration.

The St. Louis native's bosom first appeared in the national spotlight during the series against the Dallas Stars when she was seated behind the opposing coach. It reappeared in a V-neck "Long Live the Note" shirt during Game 1 against the San Jose Sharks. Of course, Twitter took notice.

#RallyBoobs starting trending, and Rothschild's breasts took on a meme of their own. 

It may seem like harmless fun to admire the way she wears her love of team, but disembodied photos of one's cleavage are not exactly a compliment.

So does Miss #RallyBoobs have a face? I mean, not that that matters. But just wondering. https://twitter.com/BluesRallyBoobs/status/732047120824455169 …
9:07 AM - 16 May 2016
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Rothschild took to social media today to set the record straight.

"While at first it seemed innocent, a number of people around St. Louis and the country have decided to objectify Emily. We have decided as a family to make lemons into lemonade," she posted on her Facebook page.

"I felt kind of belittled and degraded as a female," she said. "I was there to cheer my team on, not to be seen."

The post noted that there has been some negative media attention directed toward Rothschild attendance during Blues playoff games.

"We have sat in these seats for seven years, and she has worn the same outfit for the last couple of years," the post said. They speculated that the lack of media coverage in previous years had nothing to do with her bodily coverage:

"It seems the lack of attention was due to the Blues past lackluster playoff performance, but all of the sudden the intensified media coverage has started all kinds of rumors."

There was some early speculation about whether Rothschild had been planted as a distraction to the other team. There's a history of that sort of thing in hockey.

The last time the Sharks were in the conference finals, someone flashed their player while he was in the penalty box. Also, the last time the Sharks coach was in the Stanley Cup finals, someone put a porn star behind the bench.

Rothschild asked whether the same kind of attention would have been lavished on a man, even a topless one, sitting in the same seat.

The family has taken to the spirit of lemonade. They reached out to Susan G. Komen Missouri, a local, independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives and end breast cancer.

"If you're going to make it about my cleavage, I'm going to make it about raising money to save the cleavage," she said.

The family created Team#RallyBoobs for the Susan G. Komen Greater St. Louis Race for the Cure on June 11. They are encouraging other fans to join their team and help raise money for a greater cause. ?

Rothschild says the team was her husband's idea, whose mother died of breast cancer.

For the record, Rothschild isn't the first family member to go viral for her Blues fandom.

Younger daughter, Lilly, then 10,  had her moment in the sun last year trolling the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  

Rothschild will be at the game tonight, in the shirt that made her breasts Internet famous.

"That shirt has brought too much luck," she said. "I've worn it to too many games that we've won."

Her tank top underneath, however, will be a nod to the cause they've embraced.

It will be pink. 

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