Ralph Gracie hits Bobby Southworth

I saw this video a while back


Has anything transpired since then?
Did he get arrested?
Did they end up fighting?

Are these guys grown men or children?

Bobby's right, Ralph is a coward. If he saw him on crutches he should have kicked in the bad leg.

Hey tapped, at least it's not another Rickson vs. ? thread. We've seen plenty of those.

One thing I noticed though was that Bobby dropped his crutches like he was ready to rock... only to get socked. So technically he didn't hit a guy with crutches.

eh gomi pwned ralph already

Who cares if its been posted before? I don't live on this board unlike some, so i miss a lot of threads, so is it really bad that a topic is discussed more than once? And, since you have already seen the video, and know what its about, how hard is it for your eyes to just scroll by the words that say 'ralph gracie hits bobby southworth' without clicking the thread? I mean, I've seen some duplicate threads myself, and I don't have to click on them, ya know? Common sense.. really seems to be lacking in this place.



lol!! Well said NOOB!

"I'm glad you posted this, because I don't think anyone has ever seen this video, nor has this incident ever been discussed here."

Nice Time Stamp KKM.

It WAS posted a few Years back and discussed heavily.

Not that it matters since there will be those that want to see it again and there are always new Members.

i would have poked him in his jumblies with my crutch, bad game plan on
bobbys part

Old, old video. Discussed to death. What's next? Judo vs BJJ? Gi vs No Gi??

vid ?

Cmon, thats bullshit.. he took a straight shot and didnt even fall ralph is a coward fr doing that shit the guy is on crutches... cmon..

i am just out of frame in that video. ahh. those were the days.

Gomi got him back.