Ralph Gracie released from Prison after 3 Months

Ralph Gracie released from prison early after serving 3 months

It was just a little over three months ago that Ralph Gracie was finally sentenced to prison for the vicious assault on Flavio Almeida that took place during the 2018 IBJJF no gi World Championships. Now it appears that he has actually been released from prison after serving roughly half his sentence, something that is common for inmates that exhibit good behavior throughout the time they’re incarcerated.

This news may not be welcomed by the victim Almeida and the rest of the Gracie Barra team as they spent over two years fighting for justice after the assault originally took place. According to information given by his brother Renzo Gracie however, not only was Ralph considered a model inmate during his time in prison but he also spent some of that time teaching the guards Jiu-Jitsu as well.


But I thought Jiu Jitsu was the best self defense? HMMMMMMMMM

Ha! His name is Flavio.

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Almeida. like John Smith in Brazil

Even his hands look hairy in that pic.And Homie wasnt in prison if he only spent 3 months time.That`s County jail shit.

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He was in Santa Rita- Alameda County jail.