Ralph IS for real...

Beating Mishima proved he is for real. The reason why I say this is because people will be talking shit. And no I'm not a Gracie nut hugger.

Are you sure it was Ralph?

I've seen Ralph fight a couple of other times and he's good. I just can't believe he got KTFO in 6 seconds.

Quick KOs like that usually dont tell much in the way of a fighter's skill. Anyone can get caught, and he bit the bullet tonight. Its just humiliating, or at the very least frustrating to put in so much work, time and effort to get beat like that.

Every one gets caught at one point or another, even the best. I hope Ralph decides to come back and fight again.

he impressed me w/ mishima but seriously he would lose 99 out of a 100 against Gomi.

Gomi would have beaten him either way.

Most people dont realize that Mishima pushed Ralph really hard in that fight, Gomi KO'ed Mishima without a lot of trouble.

Looked to me like Ralph got caught and Gomi has something to do with it being 50% skill and 50% luck.

Tonight was not his night for sure. But he didn't freak out about the stoppage.

Ralph is good, but Gomi is the #1 fighter at 155.

I think Gomi would have beaten him anyway.

Ralph had a seesaw fight with Mishima, Gomi finished Mishima

Gomi showed that he was prepare for that attempt. It looked as if he knew exactly what Ralph was going to do. The timing was just perfect and very well placed knee. Gomi is for real.

Ralph's knockout...bad carma catches up with everyone.

I just saw some pics of ralph after the fight. I gotta say that he looks as young, and as in shape (appearance-wise) as he did when he debutted back in 95.

Ryan, however, looked a little over-weight when compared to his other appearances. Makes sense considering...no, I am not even going to go there.

I am happy the Big Dog won.