Ram Concept Plus???

I've played about 6 rounds of golf in the past couple of months with a set of clubs that were handed down from a buddy who bought a new set. Yesterday I picked up a set of Ram Concept Plus at a yard sale for $50. They look brand new and the owner said they were used 3 times, but he decided to start golfing leftie, that's why he got rid of them.

I'm very new to golfing, and at 35y/o it's a nice lower impact hobby, and it's great getting out with my buddies on a Sat or Sunday afternoon. I don't know much about the Ram clubs, but they look very nice, and I couldn't pass them up for the price. I hit the driving range with them yesterday and today, and seem to do about as good as before (which isn't very good at all).

Does anyone know anything about these clubs? Are they a decent beginner set?