Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou?

A) Who is the guy?

B) Why is he getting a shot against Little Nogueira?

C) Why isn't Little Nogueira getting a top ranked opponent when he's been fighting so RARELY?

He won the Pan Ams in Judo. He's built like a brick shit hosue. He's got the dreads..kinda like the Predator.

He fought Glover Texeira (The Pit) and lost by TKO..but is a very tough guy with good stand up and great judo.

Should he win...no, but he's not a can.

When he fought for us at WEC in October, I took one look at him and thought "F--I'd never weant that dude pissed at me."

Btw: Those that have never heard of Glover..dont be suprised if he fights and wins soon in the WEC or UFC.

so that still leaves B) and C) unanswered.

Furthermore, how did his TKO loss go?

maybe i should've renamed this thread, haha

B) Because Pride USA doesn't see Nogueira as a big enough name to headline the event but they want to build him up/give him someone he could have an entertaining fight with.

C) See B.


Should be a great fight. Terri, as he is known by most will put up an awesome fight against Lil Nog.

Wow..makes Glovers WEC win over Sokodjou look super impressive now..