Ramon Dekker Highlight video

the best highlight video I've seen



word. He looks like a Muay Thai version of Arturro Gati.

angry little fella

Last I heard about him was in about 2001 or 2002 at the Holland event that Goodridge fought Schreiber. He did a match against some young buck and ripped him apart.

Should we leave you two alone here?

the was a sweet ass video, he should fight Ludwig

I'm thinking he would kill Bang.

either way it would be a good fight, alot of good strikes and never a dull moment. That one part was crazy when they knocked each other out at the same time, cant say Ive seen that happen before

Dekkers is on a whole different level than Bang.

I think Dekkers in his prime would beat bang but I hear he has alot of old injuries haunting him. I think a great fantasy fight would be Dekkers in his prime vs. JWP.

if he has pins in his ankles he shouldn't fight any of the top dogs of late. He's done more then proved himself, when you try to go out like you came in it can really fuck up your legacy.

He got a great left hook!