Rampage - 1 fight deal w/ UFC!!

I just met one of my top 2 favorate fighters of all time!

Quinton Rampage Jackson...

He was filming promo footage for the WFA...

I asked him when his first fight was, and he said it's in the UFC against Chuck @ UFC 61!!!

I told him I saw all over the internet that he signed with WFA... he said that the plan was to do a 1 fight deal with the UFC to beat Chuck, and then move over to the WFA.

He said he needs to be the Champion when he goes to the WFA...not a Chumpion.

I didn't beleive him at first but he was serious about it.

Is this old news?

If you can imagine, I was rather excited to meet him...

I got a picture with my PDA...

this literally was 10 minutes ago


Why would the UFC do that?

holy shit

Which org is the WFA now?

Jeez, too many orgs shooting to compete with the UFC now...



I'd like to believe you too, I've had my heart broken too many times to let it happen again.

crowbar is correct.

Hey, I like rampage just as much as the next guy.


if this is true. rampage vs. chuck would be a great fight at ufc 61. i hope you are right about this.

I hope it's true just because I want to believe he really said "chumpion".


So let me get this straight....not only is the UFC going to sign someone for a title fight and only give them a 1 fight deal, thus leaving them open to leave the company with their belt--but they are also going to have Rampage rematch Chuck on the same card as Ortiz vs. Shamrock and Arlovski vs. Sylvia 3?


Why would anyone believe this even for a split second?

I was with Rampage over the weekend, and everytime I asked him what's next he responded "Bada Bing, Bada Boom."

So who knows what he is going to be up to.

Hopfully it is an IFL superfight.


well fuckin said stacks.

Sacks you act like the only one that's ever happened to. YOu need to stop with the sad sack routine.

Well Frank and Ceasar actually ended up fighting after all that time so I suppose anything is possible.

Okay here's the deal...

I met him at a WFA promo shoot today in an industrial area in LA [big warehouse where the shoot was]. I met Bass too, breifly on my way out of there.

The background in that picture with myself and him... that is the background you will see in some WFA promo video... they filmed him shadow boxing in front of that wall for like 5 minutes.

About the UFC 61 stuff...
I seriously wasn't beleiving him and was calling him on it thinking he's trying to throw me off, but he seemed sincere, and wouldn't back down... started to get other guys there from the WFA to back up what he said.

He totally could have been trying to throw me off though.

And yes, the "Champion.. not chumpion" was frickin hilarious. He was REALLY REALLY nice to me... great guy.. funny as F**k.

who knows though... maybe he was just trying to throw me off?

I would much rather have Jackson come into the UFC and dismantle the TUF crew before fighting Chuck again.