Rampage a HW

Rampage needs to go to heavy.People give this guy so much credit for his strenght.Silva whooped that ass really bad.Whats his weight when he is not fighting id say about 230.Come on Q move up already stop slamming this undersize fighters.Lets see youre skills against people youre size.That been said I still think youre the bomb.

Pretty much every LHW at this point walks around at around 220, except Henderson, Sakuraba, and Bustamante.

What does Silva walk around at? The harping on weight is childish. Bustamonte actually weighed MORE than Rampage for their fight. As long as a fighter makes weight all this "weight talk" is bullshit, I don't care how big someone "looks", that's why they put them on the fucking scales.

Silva has said that he gets up to 100Kgs before a fight that's 220lbs

mistagrimm, you make no sense with that post.  Should all fighters that cut weight (with would be the majority of profighters today) fight at the weight they walk at?

Tito, Couture, Chuck, Vitor, Wanderlei, Yoshida, Baroni go to heavy?

Bang Ludwig, Matt Hughes, Frank Trigg, etc go to 185?

Tim Sylvia go to Super Heavy?

The answer is no, they shouldn't...  Don't get mad that Rampage slams the shit outta people.

Im not mad at Rampage i like Q.All this fighters that cut weight know they cant compete at their own division thats why they cut.Props to fighters that fight out of their weight.Hendo to me is better than Silva and Rampage.Silva will be going to heavy soon.Tito is the biggest cutter of all he can easily be a hw hes listed at 6'2 and walks around at 225 or so move him up to heavy.All im saying is that fighters that cut have an advantage as long as they dont cut too much.I think that they should fight at the weight limit they are suppose to.I still think that its stupid to even have a weight limit when fighters make thge weigh in but gain alot of pounds for the fight.They are not fighting at the weight limit.They should change that rule.FLAME ON

If ALL fighters fought at walk around weight, we could just change the limits and keep the same names. Seriously, you think its a good idea for a guy who cuts from a walk around of 220 to fight a guy at heavy who cuts from 275? EVERYONE has to make the same weight to fight in a division, so its really not unfair.

If both fighters make weight its a mute point. Doesn't matter how much weight they cut as long as they make weight. You sir, are a moron.

Bottom line is, if you can make the weight, you make the
weight class. So long as he's 205 or under, he's a LIGHT
heavyweight. or a pride 'middleweight'

Igor SHOULD fight at LHW. But I think you are missing the point: WHATEVER WEIGHT A FIGHTER MAKES IS THEIR TRUE WEIGHT CLASS. Why is that so difficult to grasp?

Arona cuts too.

let me take this opportunity to say that i know rampage personally and used to train with him. He is no where near 230, not even close. Rampage isnt that tall, he is barely 6foot, i would say he walks around at no more than 220, and thats stretching it.